Low-impact excavating to get the job done right

At J. Haase Excavating my No. 1 priority is getting the job done right. I offer full site-prep and finish work, including septic systems, rockeries and road building. You name it and I’ve probably dug it - phone, power, propane, sewer and water lines, drain systems, foundations and unfortunately the occasional horse grave. If its demolition you’re after, J. Haase Excavating can tear down and disappear houses that need be no more. I run smaller, more efficient machines to minimize environmental impact. With a lifetime of experience, I’m happy to offer advice and work hand-in-hand with contractors and home owners to make your vision a reality. But what I really love is putting everything back together - going the extra mile in the last phase of the job to make it all look precious. 


Born and raised in the Methow Valley I’ve been dealin’ with dirt my whole life. Beginning with mastering the art of Tonka Truck operation, I quickly moved on to excavating and landscaping with my dad. As a 10-year-old I earned $5 an hour laying and bedding pipe, and dabbled on our little Kubota tractor, eventually running it into the back of my dad’s truck. I grew up and so did the machines. After high school I spent half a decade as a journeymen operator on multi-million dollar projects, building freeways and excavating large-scale sites like the Nike complex. Returning home, I put down roots in the Methow dirt I love so well. Superintendent Bo dog joined the team five years ago and has been riding shotgun ever since. He also cuts a mean grade with his nose.